HerdBook Online Help

The Animal Search allows the user to search by a variety of criteria. Any combination of criteria can be used in the search: the more used, the more refined the results. To use the search, enter your criteria then tick the 'Search' button.

Animal Number

Simply key in the number of the animal you wish to select for, e.g. if you wish to search for animal number 372212345678901, ensure the radio button beside 'Number' is selected and enter the number into the text box provided. AI Codes can also be used.

Animal Name

To search by name, enter the name, or part of the name, of the animal you wish to search for. Ensure the radio button beside 'Name' is selected.

Date of Birth

To search by date of birth, you need to enter a 'From' date and a 'To' date. The search will then return all animals born between those two dates, e.g. From: To: to find all animals born between 1st Jan and 1st Mar 2022.

Animal Age

This dropdown menu allows the user to search for all animals of a certain age.


Specify the sex of the animal you wish to search for.

Number of Progeny

Number of offspring the animal has had.

ET Animal

Tick the box if you are looking for an animal that was born from embryo transfer.

Sire / Maternal Grand Sire / Maternal Great Grand Sire / Dam Name Number

To include these search criteria, you must have a valid name or number before you click 'Search'. With the name, it is likely that the full name is not known. Enter what details you have and when you click away from the textfield, a list of possible animals will appear in a pop up. Select the sire or dam you want.

Owner Location

The animal can be searched for by the county where the owner of the animal is located. Only one or all counties can be selected at a time. Scroll down the list to find the required county and click on it, or tick the 'Select All' tick box to search by all counties. 'Select All' will be ticked by default.

Euro-Star and BLUP Search Criteria

To include any of these traits in the search, select from the dropdown menu the values you wish to search by.