Breeding can help protect your herd from TB and Liver Fluke infection.

PTAs are interpretative of the expected prevalence of TB or Liver Fluke infection in that animal's progeny.
Therefore, lower PTAs are more desirable.

PTAs are only provided for animals that are either genotyped or have at least 20 progeny records.

Progeny and Herdmate Performance

Date of Evaluation Trait Total Herds Total Progeny Records Average Progeny Prevalence Total Herdmate Records Average Herdmate Prevalence Interpretation
Nov 2021 TB (%) 97 153 9% of progeny were TB Reactors 4924 5% of herdmates were TB reactors Progeny had higher (worse) prevalance than herdmates
Nov 2021 Liver Fluke (%) 80 95 28% of progeny had damaged livers 431 30% of herdmates had damaged livers Progeny had lower (better) prevalance than herdmates