Index information and predicted transmitting abilities (PTA)

Date of Evaluation Fertility (€) Rel (%) CI (days) Survival (%) Type of Proof
Nov 2023 51 42 -2.08 1.98 DOMESTIC

Sire Progeny and Progeny Herdmate Information

Date of Evaluation Hrd Dau Herd Mates Average CI Average Survival
Dau Herd Mates Dau Herd Mates
Nov 2023

Calving Interval and Survival Records

  Parity 1-2 Parity 2-3 Parity 3-4 Parity 4-5 Parity 5-6
No. Daughters
No. Herds
No. without completed record

Interbull Daughter Distribution

Country Fertility Survival
Daughters Herds Daughters Herds