Survival (% daughters survived to 2nd parity)

Ranking information

Date of Evaluation Percentile Rank within breed Star rating within Breed PTA Reliability Percentile Rank across Breed Star rating across all Breeds
Nov 2019 82
2.08 37 84

Sire Progeny and Progeny Herdmate Information

Date of Evaluation No. of Progeny No. of Herdmates Survival (%)
Average Daughter Average Herdmate
Nov 2019

Information on Dams of Progeny (Cows mated to the sire)

Date of Evaluation Avg PTA Survival Average % in Dams By Breed
Nov 2019

Inclusion in Replacement Index

Date of Evaluation PTA Economic Weight
Total Contribution*
Nov 2019 2.08 8.86 18

*Total Contribution calculated by multiplying the PTA ( 2.08) by the Economic Weight ( 8.86)
2.08 x 8.86 = 18.4288 (Rounded to 18)