Calving Interval (Days)

Ranking information

Date of Evaluation Percentile Rank within breed Star rating within Breed PTA Reliability Percentile Rank across Breed Star rating across all Breeds
Jan 2019 34
-2.60 45 79

Sire Progeny and Progeny Herdmate Information

Date of Evaluation No. of Progeny No. of Herdmates Calving Interval (Days)
Average Daughter Average Herdmate
Jan 2019 0 0

Information on Dams of Progeny (Cows mated to the sire)

Date of Evaluation Avg PTA Calving Interval Average % in Dams By Breed
Jan 2019 -3.1 0%0%0%0%0%100%0%0%0%

Inclusion in Replacement Index

Date of Evaluation PTA Economic Weight
Total Contribution*
Jan 2019 -2.60 -5.07 13

*Total Contribution is calculated by multiplying the PTA ( -2.60) by the Economic Weight ( -5.07) -2.60 x -5.07 = 13.182 (Rounded to 13)